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Entrepreneurship Development Learning Program

Being an Entrepreneur


Being an entrepreneur is someone who systemizes, directs and takes risks of business. the real role of entrepreneur goes beyond that. Entrepreneurs not their employees. Ofthen, entrepreneurs create healthy competition which in turn increases productivity and innovation in the modern day business environment.

To cater to the growing needs of budding entrepreneurs, fly offers a unique program 'FLY'. FLY program is geared towards building the skill sets of entrepreneurs and providing them with the strategic framework to build and grow their businesses. Modules in the FLY program are highly engaging with exclusive course structure.

12 sessions of 4 hours: session take place every 2 to 3 weeks (10 to 20 days) that givees enough space between two sessions to implement/ assimilate the concepts and strategies discussed.

Individual counselling: Individual counselling helps our trainees in understanding and implementing concepts. During these sessions, real information is discussed with practical suggestions to build and grow your business.


  • Focus
  • System& Productivity
  • Customer first
  • Brand

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Duration 3 MONTHS
Business counseling Leads: 12
Counseling: 6

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